•  Selects and prioritises promising drug candidates
    •  Prioritises derivatives even of different lead structures
    •  Simple usage and integration of results
    •  Reduces clinical failures

MolScore-Drugs can be used to detect promising drug candidates in multiple therapeutic areas, including:

  • CNS-diseases
  • infectious diseases
  • cardiovascular
  • respiratory diseases
  • renal diseases
  • but is not limited to these diseases.

The examination of more than 500.000 commercial available compounds used for HTS showed that only a low amount of these compounds will satisfy the requirements of becoming a promising drug.

Application & Advantages

    MolScore-Drugs prioritises drugs in multiple therapeutic areas correctly. Below are some prediction results of MolScore-Drugs on drugs, which are or have been on the market.

measures the probability
of a compound
to become a successful drug
 and is defined as a value between
0 and 1.

Expert system
to estimate
oral bioavailability
 in humans.

    The expert system identifies general molecular patterns and properties of save and successful drugs.

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