A key aspect of research & development decision making is the choice of compounds in which to invest. About two-thirds of drug-candidates fail in clinical trials due to lack of efficacy (insufficient oral bioavailability).

    The expert system IMPACT-F selects and prioritises suitable lead candidates and identifies potential drug-failures at a very early stage of drug discovery and development.

    How it works:

    IMPACT-F evaluates human drug-uptake of every small-molecule candidate and prioritises them based on estimated oral bioavailability in humans.

    As a result the most promising drug-candidates are identified: Time and resources can be focussed on the most suitable drug-candidate for upcoming clinical trials.

    IMPACT-F has been used by several pharmaceutical companies in different therapeutic areas (cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, antivirals) for selection and prioritisation of drug candidates, to optimise prodrugs and to evaluate oral bioavailability before clinical trials in humans, see recent collaborations.

    To use our prediction service or to obtain more information, please give us a call (+49 4921-993360) or send an email by clicking the button:


    Oral bioavailability is one of the most important properties in drug development. Low oral bioavailability in clinical trials is a major reason for drug candidates failing to reach the market.


==> selects oral bioavailable

==> increases efficacy of clinical trials

==> results
directly available

Only compound structure needed
==> no further assays, synthesis
 or costs

Lead selection & prioritisation

    Looking for similar drug structures and bioavailability data related to your drug discover and development project?

    Bioavailability data from similar compounds to a specific drug-candidate are very difficult to find in the literature. Without using a structure based knowledge base it is almost impossible.

    PACT-F can help to identify the most similar drugs which have been previously investigated in preclinical and clinical trials. Contact us for more information.

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