Preclinical And Clinical Trials Knowledge Base on Bioavailability

    PACT-F contains experimental bioavailability results of clinical trials in humans and preclinical trials in animals. The results and conditions of those trials have been taken manually from reliable scientific publications. PACT-F contains the knowledge from more than 8.100 scientific research articles related to bioavailability.

    The development of PACT-F commenced in 2005. PACT-F is now the largest knowledge base on bioavailability worldwide. It contains more than 28.000 data records, which describe in detail the results of clinical trials in humans and preclinical trials in animals.

    PACT-F is extensively annotated: more than 21 data fields describe in detail the results and conditions of each trial, such as route of administration, species investigated, drug formulation, coadministration of drug, feeding condition, age and gender of the subjects involved, dosing scheme, genetic differences, experimental and analytical procedure, method of calculation and state of health. For further information, please see: content of PACT-F.

    Every record in PACT-F contains the chemical structure of the compound that was used in the specific trial. This enables scientists to build relationships between drug structures and their oral bioavailability.

    PACT-F has been used to develop computational models to predict human oral bioavailability. The performance and quality of those models, validated with large, independent and diverse set of drugs, was shown to be remarkably better compared to animal trials.

    The expert system IMPACT-F which calculates oral bioavailability of novel drug candidates is based on the knowledge of PACT-F.

    Looking for similar drug structures and bioavailability data related to your drug discovery and development project?

    Bioavailability data from similar compounds to a specific drug-candidate are very difficult to find in the literature. Without using a structure based knowledge base it is almost impossible.

    PACT-F can help to identify the most similar drugs which have been previously investigated in preclinical and clinical trials. Contact us for more information.

The largest
annotated knowledge base
bioavailability worldwide.

knowledge base

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